Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick

Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick Québec Farm Type Agricultural AD Project Offtake RNG Size Starting Spring 2021, the agricultural co-op will convert manure and organic residues from local enterprises into 2.3 Million m3 of RNG and mix it into the existing commercial natural gas grid in Québec. Coop Carbone develops, builds and operates AD coop projects such […]

Fraser Valley Biogas

Fraser Valley Biogas British Columbia Farm TypeAgricultural AD Project OfftakeRNG Size90,000 GJ Fraser Valley Biogas in Abbotsford combines anaerobic digestion and a biogas upgrading plant to produce high-quality biomethane from agricultural and food processing waste. FortisBC operates the interconnection facility at this project, monitoring gas quality and connecting this source of renewable natural gas to […]

Seacliff Energy

Seacliff Energy Ontario Farm TypeAgricultural AD Project OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size3200 kW Seacliff Energy is located in Leamington Ontario. They provide electricity to the grid and thermal power to the adjacent 6.5 acre organic tomato greenhouse plant (Pelee Hydroponics) at 3.2MW. BioEn delivered the AD design through Agrinz of Austria to use a wide range of agricultural […]