Petrocorn Inc.

Petrocorn Inc. Ontario Farm TypeSwine OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Petrocorn Inc. is a farm-based anaerobic digester that uses off-farm feedstocks consisting of pig manure, vegetable processing waste and fats, oils and greases. The biogas system is comprised of a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester, a pasteurizer, a hydrolyzer and produces enough biogas to supply a 500kW CHP unit.

Birchlawn Farms

Birchlawn Farms Ontario Farm TypeDairy/Swine OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size440kW Birchlawn Farms is a dairy, swine and crop farming operation, owned by the Terpstra family. The farm has 1,200 head of cattle and 2,400 acres of crop land. The farm’s 1,800m3 anaerobic digester was installed with the help of DLS EnviroSolutions Inc. and is connected to a Seva Energy […]

Eilers Farm

Eilers Farm Ontario Farm TypeSwine OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size500kW Built in 2015, Eilers Farm’s operations consist of 3000 acres of soybeans, wheat, corn, and edible bean production, 1200 sows, 220 kilowatt solar power, a riding facility, and produces 500 kilowatts of biogas. Commissioned in 2015, the digester uses on and off farm organic material. Bi products are […]