New World Dairy

New World Dairy Newfoundland Farm TypeBeef OfftakeHeat Size  Newfoundland’s largest dairy farm and the third largest in Canada produces 70% more energy than it consumes.

Fepro Farm

Fepro Farm Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size500kW Fepro Farm in Cobden, was the first biogas farm in Ontario and has been operating for six years. It is a dairy farm run by Paul and Fritz Klaesi and sons, with 300 head of cattle, including 142 milking cows. The farm also has 350 acres of corn, […]

Terryland Farm

Terryland Farm Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity Size420kW Terryland Farm in St Eugene. It is a dairy farm with 280 head of cattle, including 140 milking cows, and also 550 acres cropping corn, barley, soya and alfalfa. In 2006, Terryland Farms installed a 1,000m3 biodigester, designed by CH4 Biogas. The digester is fed with manure and off […]

Kirchmeier Farms

Kirchmeier Farms Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity Size499kW Kirchmeier Farms is a dairy farm comprised of 90 dairy cattle, over 100 beef cows, and approximately 1,000 acres of land supporting the dairy-cashcrop operation. Cattle manure and fats, oils and grease are the inputs for the farm’s 1,500m3 anaerobic digester (AD). The AD was installed with the help […]

Carbon Control Systems

Carbon Control Systems Ontario Farm TypeBeef OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Carbon Control Systems owns a farm based biogas system located in Millbrook, Ontario. The project consists of a 100kW engine that is fueled using biogas collected from a 680 cubic metre anaerobic digester and a 2,700 cubic meter digestate storage. The biogas system uses manure from the […]

Marl Creek Renewables

Marl Creek Renewables Ontario Farm TypeBeef OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size750kW Carl Frook operates a cattle feeding operation which consists of 1,800 head. The farm is also associated with Marl Creek Renewables, which includes a 4,200m3 anaerobic digester designed by BioEN Power. Manure, milk, fats, oils and grease are fed into the anaerobic digester, which supplies fuel for […]

Koskamp Family Farms

Koskamp Family Farms Ontario Farm TypeBeef OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Koskamp Family Farms from Stratford, milks 375 Holsteins, they run 900 acres of land. They installed a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester and in December 2013 expanded it to 3900m3 with the help of Dairy Lane Systems (DLS) . Manure and other organic materials (DAF) are fed into the […]

Delft Blue Veal

Delft Blue Veal Ontario Farm TypeBeef OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Delft Blue Veal is a veal calf operation of 2,700 calves and a division of Grober Inc., which provides fresh, frozen, and cooked veal and other meat products to top Canadian markets. The farm installed a 1,750m3 anaerobic digester (AD) to convert calf manure and discarded organic […]

Gardiner Farms

Gardiner Farms Ontario Farm TypeBeef OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size250kW x 2 Gardiner Farms cattle feedlot is producing electricity and thermal energy offsetting the prior purchase of energy produced using fossil fuels. They are using former waste streams, manure and organic material, to generate biogas to fuel two 250kW CHP units.