Petrocorn Inc.

Petrocorn Inc. Ontario Farm TypeSwine OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Petrocorn Inc. is a farm-based anaerobic digester that uses off-farm feedstocks consisting of pig manure, vegetable processing waste and fats, oils and greases. The biogas system is comprised of a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester, a pasteurizer, a hydrolyzer and produces enough biogas to supply a 500kW CHP unit.

Seacliff Energy

Seacliff Energy Ontario Farm TypeAgricultural AD Project OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size3200 kW Seacliff Energy is located in Leamington Ontario. They provide electricity to the grid and thermal power to the adjacent 6.5 acre organic tomato greenhouse plant (Pelee Hydroponics) at 3.2MW. BioEn delivered the AD design through Agrinz of Austria to use a wide range of agricultural […]


GrowTEC Alberta Farm TypeHorticulture OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size633kW A diverse operation comprising 5,000 acres of irrigated land producing quality potatoes, green peas, seed canola, and a range of cereals. GrowTEC’s Biogas plant converts large volumes of manure and organic waste into three value added by-products: biogas (~60% methane), heat and nutrient-rich / pathogen free soil amendments. Presently […]

Harcolm Farms

Harcolm Farms Ontario Farm TypeDairy OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size20kW Harcolm Farms uses biogas solutions to generate electricity from the organic waste (including corn silage) the family farm produces. The owners have about 75 dairy cows and wanted to reduce reliance on outside energy sources – the farm also sold electricity back to the grid using the MICROFit […]

Fepro Farm

Fepro Farm Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size500kW Fepro Farm in Cobden, was the first biogas farm in Ontario and has been operating for six years. It is a dairy farm run by Paul and Fritz Klaesi and sons, with 300 head of cattle, including 142 milking cows. The farm also has 350 acres of corn, […]

Terryland Farm

Terryland Farm Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity Size420kW Terryland Farm in St Eugene. It is a dairy farm with 280 head of cattle, including 140 milking cows, and also 550 acres cropping corn, barley, soya and alfalfa. In 2006, Terryland Farms installed a 1,000m3 biodigester, designed by CH4 Biogas. The digester is fed with manure and off […]

Pinehedge Farms

Pinehedge Farms Ontario Farm TypeDairy OfftakeElectricity Size99kW Pinehedge Farms is a dairy farm with its own dairy production plant producing organic yogurt, kefir and sour cream. The farm’s dairy cows are fed by the farm’s organic crops, which include hay, corn, soy and barley. Manure from the dairy cows as well as fats, oils and […]

Kirchmeier Farms

Kirchmeier Farms Ontario Farm TypeBeef/Dairy OfftakeElectricity Size499kW Kirchmeier Farms is a dairy farm comprised of 90 dairy cattle, over 100 beef cows, and approximately 1,000 acres of land supporting the dairy-cashcrop operation. Cattle manure and fats, oils and grease are the inputs for the farm’s 1,500m3 anaerobic digester (AD). The AD was installed with the help […]

Ferme Geranik

Ferme Geranik Ontario Farm TypeDairy OfftakeElectricity/Heat Size370kW Ferme Geranik is a first generation farm consisting of 250 Holstein cattle, 480 acres of soy, corn and hay, and 80 acres of cashcrop. Ferme Geranik is also part of a cheese co-op, which produces a variety of local cheeses from the farm’s dairy. The Benoît family built […]

Carleton Corner Farms

Carleton Corner Farms Ontario Farm TypeDairy OfftakeElectricity Size500kW Carleton Corner Farms is a dairy operation with 550 head of dairy cattle, including milking cows. The farm includes 1,300 acres planted to corn, soy, alfalfa and wheat. Carleton Corner Farms constructed a biogas system comprised of two 1,500m3 anaerobic digesters involving PlanET Biogas which collects biogas to […]